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20 Jul 2020 Bhavini Chauhan

5 Business Benefits of Learning English

English is a universal language that many people are taught to learn from a young age at schools. Many are taught this from a young age as it is a starting point in the business world. Thousands of languages are spoken across the world yet English is seen as a superior language within the work field. In this article, we will be discussing the 5 main points to why English is vital for business.

Increase employment

To know how to speak the English language will broaden your skills on your CV. It may increase employment because many industries will need the English language as a must such as tourism, teaching, global sales, technology and marketing.

Increase opportunities to work abroad

As English is a Universal language this will increase your opportunity to work abroad. This could be for a career change wanting to live abroad or gaining opportunities within your current employer sending you across the world to visit the other branches. You will be seen as a versatile employee and making communication across branches a lot easier.

Information and research

A lot of information in books and research studies are written in English or tend to have an English copy. Being able to read English will allow you to learn more within your career by being able to gather further research and information that is required from your employer.

This is also the case with academic books, many students learning materials will be published in English, therefore, it really is the starting point from a young age to learn English to be able to pass exams, attend university and land yourself a successful career.


English is the language of technology and is the universal language to teach technology and computer science to students. Those working in tech work fields often find it easier to communicate to colleagues when English is the dominant language. Furthermore, some of the biggest worldwide technology brand/app names are in English such as Apple, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Social media marketing

English is also the universal language used for social media. Companies that are global often aim their social media marketing towards an English-speaking market as it is one of the largest spoken languages and therefore their marketing will target more people = increasing sales

Celebrities are often used to market products and some of the biggest stars used in marketing such as David Beckham, Beyoncé, Brad Pitt are all native English speakers. Other celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo is not native English speaker but has done many advertisements using the English language. These are faces known by many across the world and therefore reinforce English to be used as a marketing tool. It also encourages fans that look up to these celebrities to want to learn English as they would want to understand what is being said.

In summary

We have discussed that English is a vital language to learn in the business world. It is a language that should be ideally learnt from a young age to increase learning from reading academic books which will then increase your chances of attending university and finding a successful career. The English language does not only help one get their perfect job but will enable them to continue growing within their career as English is needed within businesses in terms of communication, working abroad and marketing.

About the Author

Bhavini is a British born bloger.

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